Workshop On-Demand: Natural Home Scents Class

This is a streamed-on-demand video course that will be available on February 21, 2021. Signing up on or before January 25, 2021 entitles you to a 20% discount on all video courses, in addition to the discounts already in place for bundled courses. 

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Want to start a hobby or business that is not just fun, but makes your home smell AMAZING, too? Tired of trying all the DIY recipes and just want to make stuff that WORK?

Among our hottest products throughout the years are our home scents--they make great gifts, and who doesn't want a home that smells fresh and clean?

We like to call this class our 'chill' class, because it is a truly one of our more relaxing ones. Its pace PLUS the aromatherapy treat you get while making them will make you wonder, 'Did I just go to the spa?'

In this online course, you will learn to make three (3) home scent items THAT WORK:

    • A reed diffuser to scent your spaces
    • A disinfecting room and linen spray to refresh your spaces *and* kill germs!
    • Scented sachets to freshen up your drawers or cabinets

Once you have completed this course, you may request FREE access to our online community, where you can ask questions, troubleshoot, search through previous discussions, or share silly memes anytime!

This is a limited duration access course. This means you will have unlimited access to this course (stop, rewind, play, fast-forward for as many times as you need) for a full 30 days from the day you view the first video in the course (not from the day you purchase it). Access ends after 30 days, but you may purchase extensions in one week increments. 

Our soap making kit is available as an add-on, for you to go hands-on and put the lessons to use as you watch our videos, or afterwards. This kit is complete, and comes with all the tools and materials needed to make a batch of soap. 

If you will need a kit, it will be delivered within a week within Metro Manila, and may take two to three weeks for deliveries to provincial addresses. Again, it is important to keep in mind that your 30-day access begins from the first time you view the first video in the course. We ship our kits ONLY to addresses in the Philippines.

See below for the list of tools and materials included. Indicated in asterisk (*) are the items needed to do the hands-on activity, if you should decide to source the materials on your own.

  • 1 500ml beaker*
  • 1 50ml beaker*
  • 1 whisk*
  • 1pc reed diffuser bottle*
  • 1pc 500ml spray bottle*
  • 5pcs fabric sachets + fillers*
  • 60ml of ----- essential oil* 
  • A pack of Sanicare wipes
  • A pack of Sanicare tissue

Make your spaces not only smell good, but feel good to be in! Have fun making these natural home scents, and see you in our online community :) 

Save when you take this class as a bundle with our Liquid Castile Soap Course and our Castile Bar Soap Course. When you take all 3 courses, you save up to P2,700!

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