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"After taking this workshop, I felt I was confident to make soap on my own, create my own recipes and challenge myself on making certain artsy designs. Although i didn’t stop reading and researching after the workshop...It gave me confidence to share with friends what I have learned about soapmaking. Both the science and the art. " - Joanne L.

"I found a new creative outlet that makes me forget I have depression and anxiety. When I’m making soap it gives me this certain kind of high coz really, the possibilities are endless! So I keep thinking of what to make next. It keeps my mind occupied and my hands busy." - Kat B.

"I felt the support group in fb helped me also because i read comments for me to learn what went wrong or what we could do to improved the product. The workshop doesn't stop in attending the class but it was a continuous learning for me and challenges me to do better for the next batch of soap i plan to make in the future." - Jennifer C.

"The whole workshop is organized. Mia is clear with her lecture and instructions. She’s very accommodating to all our questions and very thorough when she answers them. I also like that she’s generous in sharing tips and resources." - Mark S.

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“What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul."  —  Yiddish Proverb.