The Stockist’s Choice: The Bestsellers

Please note that this is only a suggested package; for a minimum purchase of P30,000 (gross purchase; actual cash out P21,000 net) you may choose the items you want to sell. To do so, please contact us.


  • 5 x 250ml Liquid Castile Soap + Body Scrub x Php1000 = Php5,000
  • 10 x 250ml Liquid Castile Soap x Php550 = Php10,000
  • 10 x 500ml Liquid Castile Soap x Php850 = Php8,500
  • 8 x Holiday Castile Bar Boxed Gift Set x Php1500 = Php 12,000

Actual Price: Php31,000

Discounted Price: Php21,000

Earn: Php10,000 (32% discount)