Insect Repellent - Bye-Bye, Every Buggy! (Oil-Based)

Insect Repellent - Bye-Bye, Every Buggy! (Oil-Based)

Keep those pesky bugs away with this DEET-free, great-smelling natural insect repellent! 

The essential oils keep insects at bay the natural way, while keeping skin soft and smooth.

Our oil-based repellent won't leave you feeling greasy--sunflower oil is efficiently absorbed by your skin. Only skin-protecting goodness is left behind!

Our blend is a combination of pure essential oils known for their bug-repelling properties. No citronella.

Available in 100ml spray bottles and 500ml refills.

Soaperstarmama's note:

I love using the oil-based variant on my kids just after bath time! I apply it liberally just before toweling off. Their skin gets so soft (perfect for cuddling!) and they smell soooo good. 

Ingredients (oil-based): Sunflower Oil and Fragrance (100% Pure Essential Oils).

NOTE ON SHIPPING: We ship nationwide for a flat rate of P100. For orders P1500 and over, shipping is FREE.

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