Scented Candles with Mia Lauchengco | Live Zoom Class - Oct 2 | Saturday | 2-430pm

Due to the nature of tools and equipment included, slots are limited for this class.

Our candles have been featured in magazines, blogs, and social media. In this workshop, we're telling you all our secrets to making an amazing candle!

Candle making is more than just melting a wax and sticking in a wick. Container and wick sizes, wax types, scent loads and more all come into play. Let's learn about all this and make not one, not two, but three candles together!

This is a live and interactive workshop. The workshop fee includes the complete candle making kit, so you will be able to go hands-on with me and make 3 candles during the workshop. No need to prep anything else but a clean workspace and a power outlet! (Tip: The tools will be useful if you plan to join our upcoming balm making class!)

You will need a Zoom account (a free account is fine) to join the class, and we will send you a unique link to join the class.

At this workshop, you will learn about:

  • different candle waxes and their properties
  • the different methods of melting your wax (we will discuss methods from hobbyist to pro)
  • choosing containers
  • wicking
  • checking wax temperatures
  • fragrances and scent loads
  • understanding scent throw
  • candle safety
  • experimenting with other candle waxes
  • plus other tips and tricks!

Workshop fee includes:

  • access to an FB support group for your post workshop questions
  • an info booklet
  • a complete candle making kit (you will make three 125g candles of different scents in class) 

Items in the kit:

  • Raw Materials:
    • 500g soy wax
    • three (3) bottles of fragrance oil (15ml each)
    • three (3) glass candle containers 
    • three (3) pretabbed and waxed wicks
    • three (3) wick-centering devices
  • Tools:
    • spatula
    • wick stickers
    • 500ml stainless pitcher
    • mini electric stove
    • infrared digital thermometer 
    • digital weighing scale
  • A pack of Sanicare wipes and tissue for cleanup

Deadline for provincial signups is ten (10) days before the class.

We know it's easy to forget dates in these unusual times, so please save the date in your calendar once you've signed up! Slots are non-refundable.

Please note that there are no warranties on the items in the kit.

Fees indicated are for one (1) person.

Thank you for understanding.

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