I'll Tell You What I Know - Chat with Mia (45 minutes)

Starting a small business and want the viewpoint of someone who's been in your shoes and knows exactly how you feel?

Are you enrolled in a Workshop On Demand and would like someone to (virtually) hold your hand and guide you as you do the course's hands-on activity?

Are there topics in the workshop you want to discuss in more detail?

Post-workshop support is provided to all workshop students via our Facebook groups, but if you would like to have a more extensive and face-to-face discussion about a specific topic, then this is for you.

In this 45-minute private, one-on-one Zoom session, I'll be happy to discuss the topics you want to know more about. I suggest that you have a list of questions to ask before the session so you don't forget anything!

Book a slot today, and let's chat!