8pc Castile Soap Gift Set

Who doesn’t love a soap that smells as good as it is pretty? This set doesn’t only look and smell good, it makes for a most luxurious bath experience like no other. Castile soaps are made purely from olive oil, making it the mildest of soaps, and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

Set of eight soaps, approximately 70g per bar. Please note that each box will have a random assortment of at least 8 scents.

Mimosa - juicy, citrusy and fresh as the brunch cocktail it is named after; enriched with French red clay

Verbena - crisp and green, this has been one of So True's bestselling scents through the years; enriched with French green clay

Rose Garden - a light, elegant, and refreshingly young rose scent that is sure to delight; enriched with French pink clay

Peppermint Candy - a minty scent with a splash of fun!

Zen Morning - a soft scent of bamboo and sweet grass

Night in the Woods - an exhilarating blend of eucalyptus and patchouli; enriched with activated charcoal

Lavender Oatmeal - forever our favorite!

Oakwood - a sexy mix of amber and oak, with premium ground coffee scrubs to gently exfoliate

Eucalyptus & Fig - exhilarating, sweet, fresh, amazing