Baby Love Set

Baby Love Set

Here’s a set that’s perfect for babies and young moms, or just about anyone who deserves to be pampered!

Heading to the beach this summer? This trio is a must-have!

The set includes:

One (1) Nat & Davey cologne to keep feeling fresh any time of the day. It's phthalate-free, too, so no hormone-disrupting chemicals there!  

One (1) ultra-moisturizing Skin Repair Balm, which works great as a diaper balm as well, soothes the skin. It helps make a tan last longer, too!

One (1) Mama’s Kiss to soothe minor cuts, scrapes, burns and bites, or for aromatherapy: simply rub on your temples to calm yourself and regain balance.

NOTE ON SHIPPING: We ship nationwide for a flat rate of P100. For orders P1500 and over, shipping is FREE.


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