The So True Story

When my daughter N was born in 2007, I wanted to be the. Best. Mom. Ever. I soothed her, rocked her to sleep, sang to her, prayed over her and generally spent my days in the nursery just being with her. 

Babies like to sleep a lot, and so I spent a lot of N's nap times surfing the internet. (Yes, I am a real info junkie.) There was a time I was desperate for a mild baby wash for her ultra-sensitive skin and I would be online for hours on end, just googling away. That's when I found out about all the not-so-fab things in baby products...and I won't lie to you. I became a real paranoid mama.

The paranoia led me to discover Castile soap, and I found that true Castiles are made purely from olive oil and are the mildest soaps you can find--so much so that it earned the nickname 'newborn soap' because it was mild enough for newborn baby skin. Eureka!

But alas! (Yes, 'alas!'--I love how it's so dramatic! Alas!) There were no true Castiles to be found anywhere near me. So I decided to make them. Myself. With a liter of olive oil. And a stick blender. In my kitchen.

It was true love saponified.

As N's needs grew, so did the So True product line (and so did my family, with the addition of the indefatigable D!). And as it grew, my paranoia (thankfully) has been tempered not just because I knew exactly what was in any given product we offer, but because I was discovering all the wonderful benefits that natural ingredients can give. (And here's a real lesson I learned--well, am still learning-- focusing on the positive is a lot more fun and a lot less tiring than scaring yourself to death about all the harmful chemicals that could be in the stuff you use.)

So I use only ingredients I would use generously on or around my young children because of all the great things it does for them (and me!). 

This is the commitment of SoTrue Naturals, and this is my promise to you.

Best regards,

Soaperstarmama (Mia)