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Castile Soap Workshop in Singapore

NOTE: Fee includes a snack and all materials for two (2) batches of soap (approx 1.5kg total weight).

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Make soap with me!

I'm Mia, aka Soaperstarmama, founder of So True Naturals. I've been making my own soap since 2008, and I'm looking forward to share some soap making fun with you!

At this workshop you will:

- learn about the different soap making oils’ properties

- learn how to formulate your own soap recipes

- learn how to calculate a formula based on the size of your mold

- learn basic soap design tips and tricks

- know where to get your ingredients and raw materials

- watch a Castile soap making demo

- get your hands dirty and make your own basic Castile soap

- formulate your own soap recipe, and make it at the workshop!

The workshop fee includes all ingredients, use of the equipment you will need to make your two (2) soap batches.

After this workshop, you will go home with the soap you made, an information booklet, and access to a private Facebook group where we can discuss whatever questions you might have about making soap, or even starting your own soap business!

Questions? Send us a message.