Scent Mixology | MAKATI F2F | June 17 | SAT| 2pm-5pm

If you were to ask me to pick the one part of my business that I love the most, it would be creating unique fragrance blends. The process of making scent combinations and discovering that they are amazing is pure magic.

I want to share the magic with you in this fun, relaxing workshop...that smells really good ;)

This face-to-face class will be held in a private function room in Makati (Park Square area). Details will be sent upon confirmation of registration with payment.

Join me in this three-hour class where we will cover the basics of:

  • The fragrance wheel
  • Fragrance families
  • Fragrance notes
  • Fragrance accords
  • Scent mixology and formulation
  • Practical applications

In this class you will create:

  • Your own fragrance accords
  • Your own fragrance blends
  • Two (2) of your own signature fragrances, each in 50ml bottles

In your kit (which you will take home) are:

  • Over a dozen premium, certified phthalate-free fragrance oils and essential oils from which you will build your signature scent (this means that even after the class, you will have more than enough to keep creating!)
  • All the necessary tools and equipment to create your signature scent in class and at home
  • An info booklet 
  • Unscented bases of Liquid Castile soap, Room and Linen Spray, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Parfum that you can scent with your signature fragrance

If you've taken any of our workshops before, please use the code STNSQUAD for a 20% discount (subject to verification).

Slots are transferable, but non-refundable.