Natural Bar Soap (Cold Process) with Mia Lauchengco | Zoom or Face-to-Face - June 18 | Saturday | 930am-1230pm

This class is now available with a face-to-face option in Alabang, Muntinlupa. Exact details to be provided once participation is confirmed. 

What if you could make the best soap you've ever tried? 😉

This is a Zoom and face-to-face workshop where questions are highly encouraged.

At this workshop, you will:

  • build a strong foundation for a new business, or a new hobby in the leisure arts
  • be able to ask questions in real-time
  • make one (1) batch of soap (~750g) using VCO and pure olive oil, with me supervising you through each step
  • learn how to make your own soap formulations using other oils
  • learn how to calculate ingredient amounts based on batch size
  • learn proper lye handling
  • learn basic design techniques 
  • get supplier information for additional soap materials at the best value
  • get a PDF of our complete info booklet
  • have access to an amazing FB support group for all your post-workshop questions

Plus, you will make new friends--isn't it about time we did this again?

Our workshops are designed to make learning fun! We break down information into digestible portions without compromising content--we believe a relaxed and enjoyable environment is a must for effective learning!

For Face-to-Face participants: The workshop fee includes raw materials indicated below. Tools and equipment will be made available for use during the workshop. Individually-packed snacks will be provided.

For Zoom participants: An option to purchase a kit is provided, so you will be able to go hands-on with me during the workshop. Our kit comes with all the tools and materials needed for class, there is no need to prep anything else except a glass of water. Using your own immersion blender is optional.

You will need a Zoom account (a free account is fine), and we will email you a unique link to join the class a day before our workshop.

The kit includes:

    • Ingredients:
      • 250ml La Espanola olive oil
      • 250ml virgin coconut oil
      • 1kg lye 
      • 1 packet of natural colorant
      • 1 packet of oatmeal
      • 1 packet of dried botanicals
      • 15ml of essential oil or premium fragrance oil
    • Soap making tool kit:
      • silicon whisk
      • reusable plastic mixing pitcher
      • reusable plastic lye containers
      • chopsticks (for mixing/design)
      • reusable plastic mold
      • gloves
      • mask
      • digital weighing scale
    • A pack of Sanicare wipes

Close to a thousand students from all over the world have taken our workshops since we started in September 2018, with over 700 of them starting their soaps and scents journey with us. Many of them have started their own successful soaps and scents brands as well. Will you be one of them?

Cutoff for provincial signups is ten (10) days before the workshop. This is to ensure that you receive your kits in time! :)

Sign up for both the bar and liquid soap classes and save P2,500!

Signing up for this class entitles you to 20% off our live Zoom workshops mentored by Mia or Raymond Lauchengco, and all our Workshops On Demand (online courses).

If you've joined any of our workshops before, enter code STNSQUAD for a 20% discount on this class. (subject to verification)

If you would like to source your own tools and materials, our workshop partner is Islas Aromatics.

We know it's so easy to forget what day it is in this unusual season, so please set an alarm in your calendar so you don't forget to join the class! Slots are non-refundable.

Fees indicated are for one (1) person.

Thank you for understanding.