Online Castile Bar Soap Class (Cold Process) - Jun 9 | Tuesday | 2-5pm

If you have taken any of our soap classes, you qualify for a P2,000 discount on this class. Please email us for your discount code.

Take this class AND the online liquid soap class and save P2,000! 

Join our online soap making class, GCQ edition!

We've developed a teaching method that is fun, easy to understand, and covers what you need to know to get started with bar soap making. Since September 2018, we've started over 300 people on their soap making journey, with some of them even starting their own successful soap businesses! 

This is a live, interactive, and condensed version of our actual bar workshops. You may choose to simply watch the class, or purchase a soap making kit so you could make soap during class with me (more info below).

We will be using a Zoom PRO account for this webinar. You will need a zoom account (a free account is fine), and we will send you a unique link to join the class.

At this workshop, you will:

  • learn a new skill to take your mind off the GCQ, or start a biz in the future
  • be able to ask questions in real-time
  • make one (1) batch of soap (~1kg) using VCO and pure olive oil (add-on purchase)
  • learn how to make your own soap formulations
  • learn how to calculate ingredient amounts based on batch size
  • learn proper lye handling
  • learn a basic swirl design
  • get supplier information for additional soap materials
  • get a PDF of our complete info booklet
  • make new friends in quarantine!

Workshop fee includes:

  • access to an amazing FB support group for your post workshop questions
  • a Soap Making Kit* (add-on purchase):
    • Ingredients (all come pre-measured):
      • olive oil
      • virgin coconut oil
      • lye
      • activated charcoal
      • oatmeal
      • peppermint essential oil 
      • 1kg of sodium hydroxide (for making soaps in the future, using oils you have on hand)
    • Soap making tool kit:
      • spatula
      • mixing bowl (this doubles up as our soap mold)
      • mixing stick/chopsticks 
      • gloves

PLUS: Get a P2,000 discount on any other soap making class that you sign up for, and at least 20% off our upcoming online courses (learn to make balms, candles, scrubs and more) at!

We know it's so easy to forget what day it is in this unusual season, so please set an alarm in your calendar so you don't forget to join the class! Slots are non-refundable. Thank you for understanding.

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