NOVEMBER 19 PROMO | Super Soaper (One-Day BAR *and* LIQUID Castile Soap Workshop)

Learn to make liquid AND bar soap in this intensive, one-day, whole-day Super Soaper workshop package!

To book a slot in a pre-scheduled workshop, click here.


Book an appointment for a full workshop on any of the November dates available.

Venue will be in Alabang. I will only need ONE slot confirmed to proceed with the workshop :) 

If you are a group of at least three (3), you may choose to provide your own venue anywhere in Metro Manila (you may still choose our Alabang venue, of course). We will be in touch immediately to coordinate.

Fees are non-refundable for this promo.


CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Ready to start a new side hustle, or give away handmade gifts?

Spend the day with us learning what you need to know to make *BOTH* liquid and bar soap!

Inclusive of:
- all materials (take home approximately 1.5kg of bar soap and the equivalent of 5L of liquid soap)
- info booklets
- access to an amazing private FB group (of incredibly generous soapers) for your post-workshop questions
- lunch and snacks and a great cup (or two) of coffee (mmmmm) - for Alabang only
- a fun time with new friends!

After this workshop you will learn
- how to make cold process Castile bar soaps and liquid soaps
- how to formulate your own soap recipes
- learn the different properties of oils and how they will affect your soap
- proper lye handling
- design tips and tricks for bar soaps
- how to incorporate milk and other enriching additives into your soaps
- know where to source raw materials to get you started on your new hobby or business

Thinking of a workshop outside of Metro Manila? That can be worked out. Message me at hello at sotruenaturals dot com.


Workshop attendees must be 16 years old or older. Younger attendees may be allowed on a case-to-case basis and must be accompanied by an adult. Both the child and the adult will need to purchase a slot.

Waiting area for companions will be outside the venue.

Thank you for understanding :)