Copywriting for Social Media with Chinie Hidalgo Diaz | Live Zoom Class - July 31 | Saturday | 2-5pm

Note from Mia: I've taken Chinie's Copywriting 101 class TWICE, and I learned something new each time. Her classes are engaging, fun, and full of great information. Whether you are writing to sell something on social media or simply looking for a way to make your messages come across more clearly, this class is tops.

Learn to write effective copy to sell your products and stand out on social media. In this three-hour course, you’ll learn the key elements of persuasive writing, simple copywriting formulas you can use right away, and 10 crucial social media copywriting lessons to help your posts perform better. 
Copywriting Basics:
- Copywriting = Writing to Sell
- Two Roles of the Copywriter
- Fundamentals of Selling
- Copywriting Formulas that work well for social media
Copywriting for Social Media:
- Audience, Platforms & Tone of Voice
- Elements of Effective Social Media Copy
- Short vs Long Copy
- Strategies for Engagement
- Bonus: Boosting Tips

Chinie is a Marketing and Communications Specialist with extensive experience in developing copy and creative content strategies for brands across various industries — including real estate, retail. restaurants, travel and hospitality, and education. Well-versed in both traditional and digital marketing, her expertise lies in helping companies hone in on the messaging needed to achieve their objectives, identify the platforms to best connect with their audiences, and create on-brand, compelling content on a consistent basis. Chinie carries a solid education and training background, with eight years as an Educator at Assumption College and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Asia and the Pacific. She conducts regular Copywriting workshops, and has been a subject matter expert and resource speaker on Copywriting and Email Marketing both at local digital marketing conferences and in-house to companies such as BPI, Globe, Auto Nation Group, Inc.(CATS Motors), Bayer, Chroma Hospitality and Crimson Hotels, and the Lica Group of Companies.

Take this class with Sheila Catilo's No-Fuss Product Photography Class for a one-two punch!

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