Soy Candle in Limited Edition Bone China - Pick Your Scent (5 Available)

Our best-selling soy candles are scented with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils, in unique scents blended in-house. Each 350g candle burns for approximately 60-80 hours. Follow instructions at the bottom of the candle for best results.

Please select point-to-point delivery at checkout to minimize the chances of damage to your boxes during transit.

Available in 5 scents:

Christmas in the Catskills - This is not about the hustle and bustle of Christmas in the city; this is about the gentler side of New York. Let this candle take you upstate for a walk through the Catskills where the scent of balsam fir, oak, and pine fill the air, then walk into the village cafe for a sip of egg nog and Christmas cheer. If you're not feeling the Christmas spirit this year, this is what you need ;) 

Ayen - A sophisticated blend of white rose and lavender; floral yet fresh.

Lucien - A crisp and fresh blend of citrus and verbena, just like a cool and bright summer day.

Georgina - Our most popular blend of peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla, perfect for Christmas--and the rest of the year!

Kimberly - A luxe, woodsy blend with notes of bergamot, oak, and caramel with hints of leather, patchouli and amber.

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