Castile Soap Gift Box (Four-Bar Set)

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Who doesn’t love a soap that smells as good as it is pretty? This set doesn’t only look and smell good, it makes for a most luxurious bath experience like no other. Castile soaps are made purely from olive oil, making it the mildest of soaps, and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

Set of four soaps, approximately 125g per bar. 

Scents included:

FIG - A mouth-watering scent with creamy, sweet fig and clean, green notes.

FJORD - A glacier-fresh mix of balsam fir, spruce, ozone, and moss.

TOBACCO & MUSK - Deep, woodsy, and sophisticated, this blend has hints of leather, pepper, and tobacco, rounded off with the sweet spicy scent of cardamom and tons of sex appeal.

CRISP LIME - Incredibly juicy, this blend has a hint of black pepper to bring out the lime's crisp, fresh scent.