Shampoo Bar 101: Transitioning From Synthetic to Natural

May 06, 2022

Shampoo Bar 101: Transitioning From Synthetic to Natural

Shampoo bars are exactly that - shampoos in bar form.

Now more widely used because of the movement towards using more plant-derived, natural ingredients in bath and body products, shampoo bars (like ours!) are also considered more eco-friendly because they use zero to less plastic packaging and are easy to take with you when you travel.

Sounds like a win-win, right? We think so, too!

We've convinced you to switch from synthetic to natural, now what?

It may seem easy enough to swap, but if you’re switching from a shampoo that contains synthetic detergents then your hair will most probably go through a transition phase. While not the most pleasant experience to go through, the payoffs are worthwhile. 

Here's what to expect and what you can do about it:

Your hair may appear greasy or feel waxy. 

This is normal as shampoos containing synthetic ingredients create a barrier to make your hair appear shiny and healthy. When you start using natural products your hair readjusts by overproducing sebum.

There are natural ways to prevent this like using an apple cider vinegar rinse. But sometimes, finding ingredients for a rinse and having to prep it can be a hassle.

We've made it easier for you and included a free Natural Conditioner that comes with your purchase of our Shampoo Bar Bundle!

It's as easy as spraying it on directly to your hair after rinsing the shampoo, letting it sit on your hair for a minute, then rinsing it off. You can do this as often as needed, but as your hair gets more accustomed to natural shampoos, you'll be able to use the natural conditioner less often.

The transition phase can last between two to three weeks.

Don’t over-wash your hair during the process, and don’t be tempted to reach back for your old shampoo either as this will set you back in the process. Try brushing or combing your hair at least twice a day to help spread the natural oils through your hair.

Give your hair time to settle into using more natural products and you should feel the benefits of lighter and softer hair and a happier scalp. 

Our new line of Shampoo Bars, made without sulfates, parabens, or phthalates, are made of plant-derived ingredients to thoroughly clean your hair and scalp. Available in Fresh Blooms, Gardenia, and Tobacco & Musk scents.