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My Easy-Peasy Summer Fruit Pops

April 20, 2017

My Easy-Peasy Summer Fruit Pops

I apologize if you are reading this bundled up in sweaters and scarves, but in this part of the world, summer has made its presence known! And for me, there's just no better summer snack than popsicles!

D has loved popsicles ever since he first tasted them at the first Balik Bukid fair in Sta. Elena in 2012.

He was enjoying that popsicle so much you would have thought it was the last popsicle in the world!

A few weeks ago, he asked me, no, begged me to buy him ice cream. The thing is, a lot of the 'ice cream' here doesn't even contain real cream, just a bunch of thickeners and stuff I can't pronounce. So when I found a brand of locally made popsicles which described itself as healthy ice pops, I had to pull a box out from the supermarket freezer and take a closer look.

I don't remember what the ingredients were anymore, but I don't think there were more than two or three, and all of them I was familiar with. I'm not sure I remember right, but I think the main ingredients were only fruit juice and prebiotic fiber. I was sold! I bought a box of 12, and I thought they were quite reasonably priced.

But at the rate we were going through those boxes, costs were adding up. Good thing R remembered that our friend Rheea of Rainy Days and Mom Days gave us some popsicle molds a few Christmases ago, and said it was about time we put them to good use:

I have to say that these popsicle molds were well thought out. The cup catches whatever melts so there's no mess, and there's a straw from which you can sip the melted popsicle juice or whatever you call it. I have to be honest though, we've never really used the straw because the popsicles are gone long before it has a chance to melt into the cup!

After a couple of tries, I finally got my proportions right and we've been enjoying our juice pops a lot. They also make for a great pre- or post-dinner activity with the kids, since most of its freezing time takes place while we're all asleep.

My daughter N loves making these with me because she gets to drink up the extra juice-yogurt mixture! Yumyumyum.
Do let me know if you give it a try!


Soaperstarmama's Easy Peasy Summer Fruit Pops
One part plain, unsweetened yogurt
Two parts fruit juice
Pour the yogurt and fruit juice into a bowl or mug. Mix well.
Pour carefully into the molds.
When ready, place the molds under running water until you can tell that the popsicles have separated from the mold. Pull out slowly.

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