SoFresh: Introducing SoTrue Naturals' Phthalate-Free line (and what you need to know about them)

August 07, 2013

Our decision to use essential oils to scent our soaps and other products came from the desire to keep them free from toxic chemicals.

When I started making soap five years ago, there were not that many choices in terms of scents. Sure, there was a wide variety of fragrances available, but I couldn't find anything that was certified phthalate-free. (Phthalates are the components in synthetic fragrances that have been found to disrupt the endocrine system, especially in young children, among other scary things.) So it was essential oils, or no scent at all. I was perfectly happy with that!

And then I started to wish there was a way to have citrusy soaps without its scent fading so quickly (citrus essential oils are the most volatile, meaning they evaporate quickly)...or creamy vanilla soaps...

So you can imagine how excited I was to find certified phthalate-free fragrance oil I could use for my soaps! 

Fragrance oils are synthetic fragrances that are more stable in skin care products. The scent stays on a bit longer, and they allow me to have scents not normally available as essential oils.

Because it is our policy to be transparent about the ingredients we use, this is what you need to know about our phthalate-free scents:

1. They are not usually natural. Some of them may have natural components, but formulas for synthetic fragrances are trade secrets, and so their manufacturers are not required (and I'm sure not inclined) to disclose the ingredients. All I can tell you is that they are free of phthalates, the component which made me decide to keep away from synthetic fragrances to begin with.

2. I cannot guarantee you will not have an allergic reaction to it. While some people think synthetic = allergenic/bad, it's not necessarily so. Some people react, some people don't. Same with essential oils. I've had clients tell me that they prefer using essential oils or natural products because they are hypoallergenic. Please remember that pollen is natural,  and people all over the world are allergic to it. Natural products are just generally considered less likely to cause reactions.

3. I would use them on my kids. Keeping true to the SoTrue promise of using ingredients we would willingly use on or around our kids, I certainly wouldn't think twice about using them :) 

I'm very excited to have you try them, because I'm sure you will LOVE the new scents we will be offering. They're not going to be regular offerings (unless you demand that they be so!), so for now they will be available seasonally and in limited quantities. 

Have an awesome week!



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