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Soaperstarmama asks: Is your mama a superstar?

Posted on May 08, 2013 by Soaperstarmama M | 0 Comments

Soaperstarmama asks: Is your mama a superstar?

Tell us why and get the chance to win a Mother's Day gift pack worth at least Php1,000 from SoTrue Naturals! Gift pack contains:

1 SoTrue Gigil! Natural Baby Oil
1 SoTrue Luxurious Lavender Room and Linen Spray
1 SoTrue Lavender Skin Repair Balm
1 SoTrue Lavender Oatmeal Castile Soap


1. SHARE (not just LIKE) this photo on Facebook.
2. Put your viewing settings for the shared post on 'PUBLIC' (this is so we will see that you shared it).
3. In the post, tell us why your mama is a superstar! (No word limit.)
4. One entry per person.

The entry with the MOST NUMBER OF LIKES by 12nn (Manila time) on Mother's Day (May 12) wins!

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