The best things in life are free

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My son loves the crispy, crunchy sound of dried leaves under his feet. I think even his most expensive toys don't make him laugh and squeal as much as when he discovers a pile of these! :)

It took me a few days to come up with the one best thing in my life that is free, and now I realize that all the best things in my life came out of it. It's prayer.

Through it I share my thoughts with God, ask for His blessing, thank Him for His faithfulness, cry out in frustration, beg Him to help me be a person far better than I am (I now know that this last item will be a constant request). Because of it, and in spite of me, I have been blessed with a loving and hardworking husband, two delightful and energetic children, a family I know I can run to at any given moment of the day, friends who know my heart (and still keep me as a friend, haha!), household help whom my kids love as family, and business contacts who have taken places in our hearts not only as mentors, but also (more importantly) as friends.

Today, I remember an evening about two years ago, when the rest of the household was asleep, as they are now. Then, I was a sleep-deprived mother of two kids who weren't old enough to go to school, and the 'everydays', while filled with so much love and joy and laughter, sometimes took its toll. And in my restlessness, I asked God to give me something to be passionate about, something that could go beyond me.

It took me months to realize that my passions were there all along, sometimes even sharing my bed. One was dressed in diapers and covered in drool, and the other was addicted to YouTube videos of The Electric Company. And if you read our story, you know that it was because of them that SoTrue began.

What about you? What are the best things in your life that come free?


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April 13, 2013

You have a beautiful family! And you are blessed with good househelp (i’m inggit!).

Like you, that lifeline is my most cherished free thing (prayer). And knowing that God loves me and is forever faithful, even when i’m not.

I love the sound of birds in the morning. Or looking at rays of sunlight finding its way through the clouds. I love driving down quezon avenue from elliptical road and marveling at the canopy of trees.

Wait, there are youtube videos of The Electric Company?!

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